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Use multilingual audio promotion
on your listings

Gain a competitive edge in a crowded market

  • A simple to use App to record a story or promotion of your listings
  • Vendoit re-speaks it into 30+ languages and creates a link to share to your website, MLS or social channels
  • Exceed seller expectations and engage buyers with a multicultural marketing option
  • Stay ahead of your competition by using this app

Differentiate yourself and your listings by offering engaging, multicultural
audio promotions made to captivate a diverse audience

Impress sellers at listing appointments

  • It’s time you add AI into your marketing
  • Show how you can reach & engage buyers of all cultures, driving more interest & offers to their home
  • Demonstrate your impressive results from using this technology on previous listings
  • Don’t hesitate to adopt a new tech tool that benefits you, buyers and sellers alike, with minimal cost & effort

Audio is 22x more engaging than descriptive text of a product

-Harvard Study
Audio stories create emotional excitement and anticipation leading to more showings
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  • Yes, the app is for download on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. Search Vendoit

  • Absolutely, just tell them to download the app and start a free trial (takes 30 seconds to create a free trial acct). Let them tell a story of why they bought and what they’ve come to love about their home. Some sellers love this and choose you to represent them strictly because they love this option of playing a small role in telling buyers why their home is so lovely. Then they just forward you the email with the finished links.

  • Yes, let’s say you record a story / promotion in an app like and your voice now sounds like Oprah Winfrey’s, you can share that file from that app into Vendo-it, title it and submit it.

  • Yes, ( Also have them start a free trial). A lot of buyers love explaining who they are and why they love a home to the sellers. They can attach this link along with their offer for the agent and sellers to hear about the buyers. Sellers love knowing who wants to move into their home and why.

  • Some of us are creative, some of us not so much. :( By opening Chatgpt and prompting it to write a promotion of your listings with the parameters you give it, it will craft a terrific story for you to then read and record into Vendoit.

  • An ideal length for audio would be from 60 to 120 seconds long. Research shows this is the best length of time to keep a buyers attention.

  • Currently 28 and more being added as the technology improves. Just choose your language and hit record.

  • Currently 30 with more being added. The 30 we have covers 90% of the worlds spoken language population.

  • As an agent, you should always be innovating, be an early adopter of new technologies and ideas, and do everything you can to market your clients property in a unique and cutting edge fashion. Buyer’s today can come from anywhere of any background, don’t limit yourself or your marketing reach. Work local - think global !

  • OMG, yes - scary good !!! We have come a loooooong way in the last two years.

  • Heck YES - ( For Paid subscribers and their clients only ) Marketing is what we do, crafting stories, promoting a great listing is the essence of our existence. We are here to help you succeed.

  • As easy as drafting up a quick script of the points you want to make to promote your listing, hit “record” and speak. Once you submit that audio, Vendo-it takes over and re speaks your voice into 30 other languages. You’ll receive an email with this finished link, then simply upload it to your online listing.

  • On average 5 mins. Simply craft a story ( use chatGPT to help if needed) then just record. Done like dinner !

  • Most of our population listens to audio, think of Spotify, Audible books, Podcasts etc. Serious buyers crave information about a listing, and a lot of the time they research after hours. To see photos, maybe a virtual tour you added and then “hear” about why this listing is so cool and in the language of their choice - slam dunk for you !!

  • Sellers often interview 2-3 agents. They look for the agent who shows excitement, has experience and knowledge. They also ask what’s your marketing plan, can you attract all buyers? This is where you’ll offer something your competition won’t. A truly engaging story of the home explaining it’s features and benefits and in any language. This will significantly boost your CMA confidence

  • The biggest is that you lose a listing to another agent costing you tens of thousands of dollars. This may have been avoided by offering 1 new cutting edge tool that may have impressed that seller.

  • Vendo is Latin meaning : to market, to promote, to sell, to advertise. Vendo-it, the “it” part can literally be anything you want to market and promote, but most widely used for real estate listings.

  • It started off for just real estate listings, then as buyers and sellers used it, they then started to use it in other industries. It’s been used for the background story or promotion for; sale of cars, luxury yachts, air bnbs, resorts, golf courses. Basically any product or service out there that you can explain a story or promotion of the benefits of your item - you can use Vendo-it and the power of multi language audio.