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Happy clients

John DeBlock


This app is simple and can be done in just a couple minutes for each listing. The impression it makes on sellers is amazing. An ai tool that works !!

Craig Butcher


No more wondering if I said and offered enough to get a listing. This audio multi language tool makes it far easier to get the listings I go to.

Ranbir Buptrah

Los Angeles

I love innovating and using new tools that are simple. This app allows me to really craft an emotional and engaging story of my listings. Sellers and buyers love new information technologies as they do a lot of the research themselves today.

Cynthia Chan


Sellers often say how all of us agents say and do the same thing, not anymore !! I love offering something that homeowners understand and that most agents have not yet adopted.

Wendy Brigston


In a competitive market, I needed a differentiator, something that was simple and impressed sellers - This does both. I can easily say this inexpensive app has helped me obtain over 8 listings over the last 3 months.

Craig Ballantyne


As a best selling author, I believe the future of real estate marketing is in crafting and telling a great story or promotion of a home, It goes above and beyond what most agents do, it's time agents added new and immersive tools. I love this audio link when I'm looking online for homes.