How it Works

A better way to market homes

Most listings focus on the number of bedrooms, yard size, granite countertops and so on. Every listing sounds the same and buyers are getting bored.

Vendoit gives your sellers the advantage of talking about what makes their home unique-- the little things that really set their home apart and make it a magical place to live


Easy to use for Agents & Sellers


Show them

  • Sellers often ask..
  • “Why should we hire you?”
  • “How are you different than other agents?”
  • “What’s your marketing plan?”
  • “What do you charge for what you offer?”

Show them what a Vendoit listing looks like vs other online listings and how their home will stand out, attract more buyers willing to pay more money. Show them how they can get started right there, before you ever leave the house.


Start them thinking STORY

After you show them the app, ask them:

  • Why did you buy this house?
  • What have you loved about living here?
  • Are there things about the neighborhood that a buyer would want to know?
  • Have you made special upgrades?
  • End with the statement: These things would really interest a buyer. Let's make sure they're part of your listing.

This story telling approach works amazing with


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Point out the multi language feature

Buyers today can come from anywhere and from any background. Show sellers your marketing their home differently to all potential buyers.No other agents are showing they can take the sellers home and story and promote it like you can.


Get sellers involved

It’s simple - sellers don’t like sitting on the sidelines. With Vendoit, you can make them an active part of the initial marketing process. They also think it’s super cool hearing their voice and story translated into A.I languages. They are so proud and excited about this, that they often forward their listing to everyone they know including their social media outlets.


Satisfy sellers

Happy clients don’t make you justify your commission, and they refer you more people. Sellers really want VALUE in return for what they pay. Do an amazing marketing job and watch your business explode.


Get with the times

The world has changed, and so should you. Become the agent who can offer sellers the opportunity to speak about; why their home and the area are so great. Sellers can tell this story better than anyone. It’s simple and easy and you WILL WIN more listings with happier clients.


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